A Centurion's Life

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A Centurion's Life

May 5, 2017


I once thought that I was timeless. Then in a moment of doubt I found myself in the womb. Energy had created form, and consciousness became knowledge. From the limitless I was nurtured by boundaries of my mother’s warm shelter. I was born, and now my life is spent carrying memories from experiences and ancestors.

It’s no easy task to learn, to grow, to feel pleasure and pain; and the hardest of all - to express outwardly in such a way that isn’t misconstrued. With my voice, produced by controlled breath, I sing my song. The others watch and listen, deciding to join, to envy, or to scorn. I feel with the planetary influences from my birth and respond in kind.

Now entering the next phase of my existence, mortality feels less of a burden. I’m halfway home, now entering the fifth decade of a centurion’s life. I’ve learned and grew out of my insecurities, and though my faculties have well begun their waning, I feel more alive allowing the sun’s luminescence to shine deeper through my spectacles. I no longer fear the light and can stare into space to daytime and nighttime stars, knowing fully that we are all a part of a mysterious singularity - as I reach out and touch the hand of God.

With this I carry on, spending talents and paying the rent. I praise the younger and curse those who are older, for I must also soon enter the place where they exist - to reminisce a time of youth, and fumble when the body no longer reacts to what the mind commands. And I must remember, from my own and inherited lessons, that no matter what the fading senses do, the spirit has become stronger. Proud of my growing humility, I have not given in to the falsehoods of the illusion of life.

I once thought I was timeless. Then the day ended and I closed my eyes, and dreamed of rain on an endless sea. 


Sunrise Photo