A Poem of Hope

in Poetry


As I look out from this lunar existence,

I see varieties of colors, shapes and forms,

All beings of the greater Creation.

It's a beautiful tapestry.

It is the foundation of humanity.

Gentleness, love and goodwill.

We are all bound by the same fate

That we must one day draw a final breath.


May our collective destiny be reached,

Looking back upon a life just passed,

Smiling because we discovered the meaning of life

Is not what we collected for ourselves,

But how we shared what we found.


Then may the form of all experiences

Collect and concentrate

As it passes through the end of this mortal existence,

Ready to greet the greater Self in the unknown.

And at the blessed moment when the mind opens onto itself,

May the beauty of our existence

Reflect the truest virtues of our human being.


- keitan