in Poetry


April 24, 2017


There sometimes comes a shift in life

When driving home to the same ol’ same ol’ 

Takes a turn and heads in a new direction.


It’s curious the different flavors of how it happens.

Sometimes the awakening starts in the morning

When the energy falls faster than the body can rise,

As the subconscious constantly tugs on the lifeline

Trying to run ashore

This ship that no longer wants to sail ‘there’ anymore.


Sometimes it’s more profound and amazing

Like inviting a newfound friend to a local event.

And the universe suddenly shifts gears

The planets dance across the night sky

The spiral galaxies spin a bit faster,

Stirring the mind,

And prevent it from a comfortable slumber.


Either way that it happens, everything becomes different.

The clouds no longer move from left to right,

They’re now flying from east to west!

It’s no longer just a pollinated spring gust of air,

But instead all the bushes and trees are having sex!

And it’s choking everyone out with their dusty mess,

Well, except for the birds and the bees.


Everything’s more dramatic

When life is calling me home

Not that place that is safe and secure,

Where puppies are fluffy

And dinner is on the table right at six.

No, this new place called home

Was there all along, from a childhood wish

That was suppressed by the ‘must dos’ and ‘have to haves’

Of a crazed society where people actively disconnect

And tune instead to television programs of crime stories,

With the only thing being fed is fear in the head.


But once the true direction is identified,

The clouds part from the inside mind.

The journey to homecoming is then quite easy.

It’s just there over that 14-thousand-foot mountain

And across the rope bridges of mile-deep chasms,

Through the desert littered with sanded bones and wayward desires,

Oh, and to bring good boots to pass through the mires.


But what the angelic messenger was reminding

Is that in my own homecoming

All I had to do was open my heart,

And close my eyes,

And see my faith,

And breath deeply through the doubt.

To not push the river that once seemed filled

With a familiar bounty of nourishing fish and gems and gold

And a paycheck…

And to instead just trust.

Because the universe that made all that past for me

Is now serving up a new cup of serenity.

And so now I must

Simply trust

This beautiful transition.