Inner Vision

in Poetry

Inner Vision

(Revision from a 1996 poem by K A Gonzalez)

April 12, 2017


I often wonder

What is happening to this place we call home,

And when will we figure out how to set things right?

Why should I care when the masses are more interested

In socially networking than honoring Christ’s righteous plight?


Nothing appears to make any sense,

And the world has left me

Feeling full of emptiness.

Double-meanings stem from every spoken word.

Poorly chosen words of the rich leadership,

Whose only goal

Is not to lead us to paths of happiness, 

But instead to make sure

That we expressly find checkout lines

With basket cases of fast food and rocket drinks,

Which guarantees an end result of nothing more

Than a caloric crash and the emptying of our minds! 


So I decided to stop listening to the voices

That echo in my mind, telling me to make dead-end choices.

Then I finally recognized from whence the desires came,

It's from those same devices that play songs in my brain.


Input, input, input. When shall you cease?

It all stopped when I turned off everything around

And sat my butt right on the ground.

It took a little time for me to see

With eyes closed and focusing deep within.

That those staticky messages I hear

Clearly did not come from me.


Off with the TV, the radio and things of false worth!

Off with everything not made from dear Mother Earth.

It's time for me to connect to the inner vision,

That becomes more pointed after the quiet begins.


It’s then I feel the mortal presence of my spiritual being,

I feel the skin, the bones and everything in between.

This is me, outside my busy grind,

This is the place for the sacred answers I wish to find.


Now I can watch that silly motion picture box

And listen to the songs that seemingly speak to me.

I no longer buy into the belongings of the outside crowd,

For it’s my own awareness that helps me sing out loud.

I finally found out what it takes to be free,

To roam, adventure, and explore a life full of curiosity.


So let the earth pass away, and let the Big Brothers fight,

For their battle is no longer my personal suicide.

I finally found a smile is more powerful than a gun,

I finally found the reason the reason for living.

I finally found true Love.