Chakras Alive

in Poetry

Chakras Alive

K A Gonzalez - February 21, 2017


Today the sun rose again

And the beat of my heart

Not knowing what else to do

Did what all the others alive were doing

And kept its pace and tune.


So I began my walk and drank in the view

With my two little ladies walking astride

It was then my thoughts began a-wandering

From my evolving reptilian mind, something new.


A golden flash burst forth from somewhere on the horizon

Chased away the last bits of darkness.

And as the sunlight sank deeper into my eyes

Kundalini stirred from my base and did enliven.


Red, my ground, my soil and roots

Give me a place from where to stand

From where I can feel and create

Among the orange hues of the desert sands.


The snake moves higher up through my spine

And activates my industrious and virile power

From here I conquer mountains as they tower

Climbing one after the other,

From the physical to the sublime.


Yellow yields to a green and open chest

Giving grace to people of past forgiven,

And with a deep breath I start down the quest

Of giving unconditional love

To each and every human.


So now you see me standing here

Freely expressing what I find proper and true

Unfettered as the open sky

And deeper than a blue unpolluted ocean

As I try to make a connection to you.


It moves the energy to this indigo place

Somewhere here in my third and psychic eye,

With a vision that sees through the lie

That says we’re all alone and separated 

While flying together to somewhere nigh.


In a white flash of daylight a new page of life is written. 

And suddenly I realize

That there’s a power of love that guides me,

A permanent link to the Divine

Inviting me to drink from the chalice of the wise.


It’s with this spiritual connection that we thrive

No longer needing to simply survive.

It’s knowing that existence can always change

As it shifts from one reliable moment

To something different and completely strange.


Tomorrow the sun will rise again

And the beat of my heart

Finally knows what it needs to do.

With eyes wide open and arms open wide

This heart will release all the fear trapped within

And make a doorway for love to come inside.