7th Chakra - Sahasara - Reconnection

Below are images that hold the qualities of the seventh chakra, called Sahasara in the ancient Sanskrit. 

7th Chakra Sahasara

At or slightly above the crown of the head exists the violet-white chakra that connects each of us to the source, or God. The spiritual breath that invigorates life comes through this channel and is sent through all the other chakras to help spin them in their perfect form. It is here that hope is found, for the pure energy that pours into us from the seventh chakra calls us to awaken and realize that we are truly never alone.

Highlands Forest Eugene Oregon

Each morning the source of light rises, and sometimes it shines in such a way that reminds us of it's amazing presence. It's with the brilliance of our sun that we can reconnect to each other and remember that we are shining children of light. We are servants of the sacred spring that gives us the breath of physical reality. This photo was taken one November morning in Eugene, Oregon.

Reclining Buddha Bangkok Thailand

Enlightenment emanates from the source of the Divine and reaches those who are ready to receive it. For some it comes slowly and a step at a time, but for all it is a never-ending journey to release ourselves from the repeating pattern of cause and effect that is part of the illusionary earth existence. Here we see a teacher of enlightenment - the Reclining Buddha in Bangkok, Thailand.