6th Chakra - Ajna - Intuition

Below are images that hold the qualities of the sixth chakra, called Ajna in the ancient Sanskrit. 

6th Chakra Ajna

The knowledge behind the cognitive mind is expressed in the area associated with the forehead. Also known as the third eye, this indigo or royal blue sixth chakra sees things that the physical eyes cannot. Fully in the realm of human spirit, fine-tuning this area can give valuable insights into the subtle world.

 Contemplating Egret 

The journey within can be the longest road traveled. Being concerned with developing inner vision brings the focus to the third eye between. Those who dwell in the sixth chakra strive for completeness of the soul. The outside world of matter has little bearing for these types, for they are aware of the temporal nature of life and seek to reveal the deeper meaning. So too does this egret on Sanibel Island, Florida seem to be doing.

Merlin Magic Shoppe

Magic can be found in everyday existence. Practicing the art is centered around the concentration of the energetic property of everything in the world and otherworld, and guiding that energy to the desired end. Intuition is enhanced by learning how to be the rock, be the ocean, be the stars. Maybe some magic can be bought at this shoppe in the Enchanted Forest in Oregon.