5th Chakra - Vishuddha - Expression

Below are images that hold the qualities of the fifth chakra, called Vishuddha in the ancient Sanskrit. 

5th Chakra Vishuddha

Sing your song! Express yourself! These are the commands of the rich blue energy in the vocal cords area. The ability to express thoughts and emotions effectively is a reflection of a clearly spinning fifth chakra. As a verbal connection to the thinking mind, this chakra reaches into the more ethereal realms of our existence.

Aquamarine Crystals

The fifth chakra is where the higher spiritually-based energies manifest into our physical expression. From the energy of thought comes the spoken word. Crystals, also made up of energy, help us concentrate our internal energies. Aquamarine is represented above. It can help reduce stress for seeing it as it really is and calms the mind. The result can help us properly act after careful thought instead of reacting to the words of others in an emotional manner.

Seal Barking

With confidence we can speak the mind effectively and clearly. The fear of speaking publicly vanishes when we properly prepare the subject material and frame it in a way to express for maximum effect and proper volume. This seal from Florida loves to be heard.