4th Chakra - Anahata - Universal Love

Below are images that hold the qualities of the fourth chakra, called Anahata in the ancient Sanskrit.

4th Chakra Anahata

The most generous, unconditional, and unattached form of love spins around the green chakra in the heart space. Heaven and earth find the meeting point in this zone and show compassion and understanding when spinning at a good frequency. 

Waterfall in Oregon

Universal love is all around us, requiring only our attention in the present moment. But there are some places that get us there in an instant. Waterfalls in Oregon, between Eugene and Bend.

Watering Flowers in Germany

Without a cluttered mind, the mind of a child reminds one of purity in the moment. The love a child has can be boundless. So too should we all relearn to love each other and the our creation at a base level of universal existence.