3rd Chakra - Manipura - Potential and Power

Below are images that hold the qualities of the third chakra, called Manipura in the ancient Sanskrit.

Chakra Manipura

Courage and the ability to affect change is the power of this yellow spinning wheel. Physically associated with the solar plexus, this is where manifestations find form in this reality. This is the ‘core’ where so many workout regimens focus, because it is from here that everything in the physical body pivots.

RX-8 Engine

Where to even begin? Initiative is sourced from the third chakra. It is from here that the physical body starts into a project, like replacing a radiator in an engine. There's no nurturing going on here, it's pure mechanics mixed with the will to get something done.

Coiled Rattlesnake

Potential to do harm or protect oneself is represented in the third chakra. Things of power lay at rest, waiting for the right moment to send out energy. Sometimes it's to feed, and sometimes it's to flee.