2nd Chakra - Swadhitana - Creating

Below are images that hold the qualities of the second chakra, called Swadhistana in the ancient Sanskrit.

Swadhistana Chakra

Spinning around the area of the reproductive organs, it is no surprise that this chakra covers the areas of creativity. Artistic ability is the highlight here. It’s orange energy focuses on earthly desires and provides an outlet for our passion. When spinning at a good frequency, it helps set healthy boundaries for relationships.

Golden Coconuts

Golden in color, these palm trees in south Florida make a delicious coconut filled with naturally sweet water and meat. The only trick is getting them down without cracking the nut or the seeker's head.

Savannah Candy Store

Filled with thousands of morsels of desire, this candy store in Savannah, Georgia tempts all its visitors to overindulge their senses. Nowhere on the label does it indicate the severity of the subsequent blood sugar crash.