Pain is a sore subject to write about. There are so many variations of it, making it hard to distinguish one type of suffering from another. The categories of pain are numerous and generally easy to identify. There's physical pain, emotional pain, acute pain and chronic pain. Pain ranges from the surface to deep within the soul, but all kinds have one thing in common. There is one immediate goal to those who are suffering from pain. That is the motivation to remove oneself from the agony.

The pain I have today is of the self-inflicted physical type. Recently I chose to repair a lost front tooth from 35 years ago through the process of an implant, and in doing so I had to undergo bone rebuilding though grafting. Easy enough, or so I thought. Add a little bone to what is already there and let my body assimilate the graft to claim it as its own. Then after four to six months, if all goes well the periodontist can drill back into my jaw bone to install a mounted implant for the final phase, the crown. I've always wanted a crown, but somehow this isn't what I had in mind lol.

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It's in the small spaces between dreams, in those gaps of time, that we reconnect with the Source of consciousness and know that we are truly not alone. From there we replenish our energy and can once again awake and get through another day of the earthly illusion.

I love esoteric ideas. They give such good fruit for thought that can loom like an object in the hazy mist, just unclear enough to invoke wonderment and awe. I used to think that it was simply sleep and diet that gave us energy to get through the days, but when I heard the above idea quoted back in 2015, I knew I was wrong all along. The source of our animation has nothing to do with diet or hours of sleep. Instead, we gain animation through connecting with the Source, or God, if you will.

Think about the course of the day. A person can eat all the right things and get all the right amount of sleep, but if that person loses motivation, there isn't anything at all that can keep her or his energy going. Motivation is about focus on something that inspires passion. For me, I get a real energy boost from these things, in this order:

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There was a time, long ago, but not so long ago, that science had taught me a great discovery. My favorite planet of the solar system, Jupiter, had twelve satellites around it, of which Europa was (and is) my favorite. I studied it closely on the glossy pages. It had patterns and colors I never knew existed and it sparked my imagination of interplanetary travel. Back then I didn't question the fact of the number 12. It seemed amazing enough to me, and since it was stated in my Encyclopedia Britannica, I had no reason to doubt its claim. Science was not about art or myth. It was about facts, and facts were as hard as stone as much as words could be. The year was 1976 and I was 9 years old.

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