"True realization can come with the understanding that there is no beginning or end. That is an earthbound illusion. There is only existence." @keithgonzalez (Twitter), August 21, 2016

Life on earth is real, and in terms of the bodily senses, there is nothing more to know. This is the essence of the natural sciences that aims to explain the mysteries of life on earth. And for all the research in science, not one study has been able to explain the essence of vitality, i.e. the thing that makes us tick - our life force.

Where does it come from, and where does it go? The answer to this question is: everywhere, nowhere and all points in between. We breathe in a three-dimensional world and our senses are constantly reinforcing that this the plane of existence that needs the most attention. But once we get past the basic training of survival, like "don't walk into traffic" and "don't drink toilet bowl cleaner", then the mind is free to open up to higher states of consciousness. It's at this point that we begin to feel that there is something more, and the quest into spirituality begins.

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I'm done being a survivor.

I know we've all survived something in life, whether it's an auto accident, child abuse, cancer, or some other life-threatening situation. It's no different with me. I've done the work to survive my items, but they always stayed in the front of my mind as I gave the situations virtual control over my life, doing what I could to prevent their return. Recently I turned the corner. I've mentally moved from 'surviving' to 'thriving' as I now spend my energy praying and meditating on the qualities of life I want rather than what I am trying to prevent from manifesting again. I no longer fear my past and what's happened to me. If any of those things I've survived comes back to haunt me, I know I'll have the tools ready to deal again if needed.

Every day I wake up wondering, "How much closer am I to the great things I've imagined?" "Am I dreaming big enough?" "Does good thoughts dominate my day?" These questions are now at the forefront of my psyche, and everyday I feel like I am getting closer to my dreams.