Moonphase: The Spirit of Change

Why the word, Moonphase?

Moon = A celestial body that circumnavigates the earth, affecting the flow of water and the moods of Earth's inhabitants.

Phase = A period of time that reflects different dominant energies and are distinct from other periods.

Since 1996, the beginnings of the World Wide Web, I've maintained a website called in various forms and designs. The promise of the World Wide Web was about evolution, expression and communication. The web back then didn't have Facebook or Google. Many didn't even know if this thing we call the Internet would survive the test of time to be something that people would gravitate to. Fast forward to today. We live and breathe the web, and many can't imagine a world without our connected devices. In many ways, it's not the utopian online experience I hoped and worked for, but it's honest and as diverse as the people who use it. And now I am very happy to receive you on my web page. 'Moonphase' means we all use our flowing energies to shape and change the world we live in, and that's simply beautiful.

Click the Articles menu item to get a list of the writings on this site. I hope you find them enjoyable and meaningful, and that you'll visit often. There are many new sections coming soon.


Keitan (K A Gonzalez)